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Our company, Aiolos Team, provides complete services for house moves or house and business transports in Greece or abroad. We offer you professional affordable solutions for house moves, transports, storage and packaging of the house or business furniture as well as the home appliances or your merchandises.

We carefully pack and unpack your belongings, avoiding any damage. We handle the packaging of the file and the personal belongings of each employee. All boxes will be marked with information as instructed by you.

We ensure that your personal belongings will remain secure throughout the transport, providing compensation in any event of damage.
Our company undertakes the relocation of companies as well as public organizations. We have the necessary experience as well as sufficient qualified personnel with the appropriate equipment and vehicles recognized by professional standards.

We are always there for you to answer any questions you might have concerning transports, house moves, packaging or furniture storage. Contact us either through our website or call us at 210 800 1500-2

Transports – House Moves

We undertake responsibly your transports or house moves in Athens, in Attiki, in other regions of Greece and abroad. Our company has been a pioneer in the field of house moves for years and offers to you its services professionally, responsibly and at good prices! Talk to us today for your house move!

Move Abroad

Our company specializes in house moves abroad. No matter the destination, either you are moving to a neighbour country in the Balkans, or to a country in northern Europe ( England, France, Germany, Sweden ), or even further such as the USA, we can transport your home appliances and the rest of your belongings safely, consistently and affordably. We can even help you regarding Custom house issues.


With Aiolos Team you can be sure that your belongings are secured and safe. We own facilities consisting of 1100 m2 which are specifically formed to guarantee the safe and protective storage of your appliances and merchandises. The spaces are secured and guarded 24 hours a day.


If the packaging is not professional and in a way that protects the items being transported from bumps and damages, the result can be damaging. For this reason, the staff of Aiolos Team is specially trained in order to provide safe and professional packaging. So, if you need help in order to package your items appropriately, you can consult us and we will be glad to inform you about the relevant service.

Latest News

Certification – ISO 9001:2015

Today is a great day for our company since we have completed successfully the necessary processes for the ISO 9001 certification.

Helicopter Repair – Crane Support

Our customer had a serious problem with one of his firefighting helicopters. Of course, Αiolos Τeam was there to help!

Equipment Transport to Galata Trezinia

AIOLOS TEAM, always by ΤΕΜΑΚ SA, completing an equipment delivery for the water process systems in Galata Trezinia…


Because for many years we are pioneers in the field of transport and we offer you our services with professionalism, responsibility and good prices!

Do you provide services of freight forwarding into companies?
The company started 50 years ago with the main activity of receiving, sorting, distributing and storing goods of other companies. We have worked with several groups and companies in every industry to support the supply chain.
Do you undertake house moves out of Athens?
AIOLOS TEAM not only can transport within Athens but across Greece and the islands, regardless of what you wish to transport and how complicated the access is. We also specialize in moves abroad.
Yes it can. In house moves we can even provide the same team which you had in the same where you moved form. That means that we will accompany the truck so we can ensure that you will have the same team in the city where you are leaving from and the city where you are going to!
Yes, it can. In house moves, we can even provide the same team which you had in the same where you moved from. That means that we will accompany the truck so we can ensure that you will have the same team in the city where you are leaving from and the city where you are going to!
I am moving to another country. What about the Customs ΤΑΧ office?
During the import of your things, our experienced consultants will guide you and provide you with the necessary help to process your documents and anything else you need to complete the custom clearance of your belongings.
Should I wish to store my belongings, how can I be sure that they will be stored safely?
Our warehouses follow the most austere specifications and have firefighting systems and modern alarm systems with surveillance cameras. Also, in all our warehouses there are alarm systems and a security guard 24 hours a day for the complete safety of the area.
What kind of help can I have from your company concerning the move to my new space?
Depending on the selected services, our team can be at your house, unpack and reassemble your furniture and generally help you set your new house.

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