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Special projects

The term “special transports” in itself is quite explanatory, as it emphasizes that these transports have something special and are “out of the ordinary”. It could be something very heavy, something outrageously expensive, something unique and irreplaceable or something very bulky. These include works of art, ancient artefacts of great value, art collections, etc.

Special transport requires special equipment and handling, which the Aiolos Team is able to offer to its customers.

For special transport, our company has:

  • Specialized staff
  • High-quality packaging materials and suitable for the specific use
  • Machines tailored to the needs of each shipment
  • Insurance coverage
  • Experience, knowledge, responsibility and solvency

An example that proves our experience in transportation and the quality of service of the transport company Aiolos Team is the trust shown by the Ministry of Culture for the transportation we perform on behalf of the Herodion.

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