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House relocations

“Household removals”, how many different things this term can include… So different but also so unique and precious to each person individually. Data that imposes the correct choice of the carrier in order to ensure the correct result in the packaging of the household appliance, its transport and / or storage.


Our first concern is for our customers to feel that their personal belongings and furniture are in safe hands and that nothing will be damaged or lost during the move.


Our transport company has a lot of experience in all kinds of transport and relocations, and of course, we are the best choice when it comes to moving home. Our experienced staff can undertake to do for you everything that – perhaps in your eyes seems difficult. That is, to undertake the packaging and transportation but also to help you put your things back in your new home.

The well-trained people of our company, who have been cooperating harmoniously and in groups for years, have invaluable experience in moving houses (even when it is something special and out of the ordinary) and the appropriate tools and machines to pack – always with excellent quality materials – and transport your home to its destination without losses or delays.

Proof of our excellent professional service in the relocation of houses is our ever-increasing clientele. This is mainly due to our professional mode of operation, our correct pricing, and ultimately to the recommendations given by our happy customers, which fills us with pride and intensifies our efforts for even better services.

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