Moving within Athens can be difficult or complicated for others, but for us, it is the simplest thing to do, as our company has been specializing in transport within the basin for 47 years.

We have a plan, experience and we know very well everything that needs to be done for a successful, fast and safe move. Wherever you are in Athens, and wherever you want to move.

With the Aiolos Team, you will have the confidence that your valuables will be safely transported and placed in your new space without breakage or carelessness.

Our staff is properly trained, and in addition, we have all the modern means of transportation for safe transportation. Whatever the volume of your furniture, we have the right vehicle for your case. If your furniture or appliances need to be moved from one floor of an apartment building to another, this is no problem for us as we also have lifting cranes.

For home relocations to Athens, the Aiolos Team is your best and safest choice. Always at good prices!

Wherever you live in Athens, and wherever you move … we can help you!

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